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DRHTC  >  Hair Transplant Stages

Hair Transplant Stages

Hair Transplant

On the day of hair transplantation surgery

Final consultation: Hair design is confirmed with the patient in front of the mirror

Blood tests: Detection of infectious disease causes postponement of surgery

Application of local anesthesia by the doctor

Collection of hair follicles from beard or nape area- position is prone

Canal opening-position is supine

Food and tea break

Transplantation procedure- position is supine



On the second day of hair transplantation

It is the day for resting. The drug is administered orally. Room rest is done in an environment which is not too cold or too hot.


On the third day of hair transplantation

First hair wash is done. The patient is given appropriate shampoo and informed about important issues to be paid attention. From now on, the patient will do his hair washing for 15 days each day.